In a relationship.
This girl is on fire.
Thanks to him, I live by the words "All or Nothing"
There is this girl. She's amazing and beautiful. She makes my heart smile.
There's this boy. He taught me how to live again.
My views on life have changed so drastically over the past year.
I reblog things that make emotions.
If you saw me today, Grandpa, would you be proud?






i wish i had a little toilet and sink in the corner of my room so i wouldnt have to walk all the way to the bathroom

That’s a prison cell

In prison your food gets cooked for you as well. 

I’m beginning to think murdering people I don’t like wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

you do realize that there’s probably police officers on here, right?

oh no what are they going to do send me to prison?


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⭐Green Bean Fries!⭐
1- Spread out green beans on a pan with foil. No need to spray first.
2- Use as little olive oil as possible. You need much less than you think. & always measure it! You’ll use way more than you need to if you try to do it without a measuring spoon. I only used 1 tsp which is 1/3 a tbsp. A tbsp that is 120 calories for a full serving so I definitely saved myself some calories from oil.
3- Drizzle oil over the green beans evenly. After you finish doing that, use your hands to spread the oil all over the bean. I pick up small bunches & rub them together.
4- Measure out parmesan & sprinkle evenly. You can use your fingers to rub it around a little but it’s best to just aim well when sprinkling.
5- For even distribution, put pepper in hand first and then spread pinches of spices as desired. I used just pepper but you can mix it up!
🍴Bake & enjoy plain or with your favorite dipping sauce!